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Wheel the World is the one-stop shop for people with disabilities to find, list and book inclusive tours and experiences specially designed for their needs. By, travelers with disabilities can find their next travel experience 100% guaranteed to be accessible for them.
It is is an online platform with accessible travel experiences for people with and without disabilities:
1. We enable WTW experiences in famous tourist destinations, where we partner and train local tour operators, creating a full inclusive touristic service, considering accommodation, transportation and activities.
2. We create audiovisual content that become viral on social media and press to inspire people to travel by WTW.
3. We facilitate planning and booking process through our website for people who want to do WTW experiences.

WTW will become the world leader of travel experiences for people with disabilities, offering every inclusive experience around the world.

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WTW is selling experiences to Chileans and Californians with disabilities, and their companions. They are mainly families or friends who one of them has a physical or cognitive disability. We are starting our traction in Chile and North California, but the goal is then expand to all North America and Europe.

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We partner with tour operators who we certified to operate WTW experiences and serve our clients. We signed agreements of exclusivity to operate the experience that we enable. Additionally, we partner with big brands who want to support the social impact of enabling tourist destination and have visibility in our audiovisual content and press releases.

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We have three sources of income:
1. 15% fee of all the travel experiences booked by our platforms
2. Sponsors fee to all the brands that support our projects around the world enabling inclusive travel experiences
3. In the long term, we envisioned Wheel the World as a big data business mapping accessibility information of public spaces like restaurants, hotels, or streets that surround the experiences that we provide.

Actual income for each source:
1. $20,000 in 2017
2. $110,000 in 2017

Future potential:
1. $30 million in 2021
2. $300,000 in 2021

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US Travelers with disabilities spend yearly over $13.5 billion (annual growth of 17%). Considering that people with disabilities travel with 1 or 2 companions, it is a +$20 billion market. United Nations stated that with more accessible accommodations, travelers with disabilities could double, making a +40 billion industry before 2021.

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Our plan is to continue developing WTW experiences in different travel destinations of the world replicating the model we have done already in Chile. We will partner with local people with disabilities of famous touristic destinations to develop projects with our methodology and expertise.
Additionally, strategy to scale is to mapp all the inclusive experiences and offer them by our platform.

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Alvaro Silberstein
Full time

  • ¿Quiénes Somos?

    We are two founders with experience in startups, passionate in disrupting the tourism industry and enable it for all. Together, we conform a team with diverse skills and experiences that perfectly fit with the challenge ahead us.

    Alvaro will lead product development and funding strategy and Camilo operations and business development.

  • ¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

    Historically, tourism industry haven’t considered travelers with disabilities in the design of their products and services. In the past 10 years, this has been changing as people with disabilities have been traveling more and more and having more active lives. Thus, the global travel market for disabled people is growing at a fast pace (annual growth of 17%). Still, no tourism company has the credibility to offer recreational and tourist activities that are accessible for the disabled.

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- Hire a CTO
- Develop WTW platform (UI/UX, backend, infrastructure, etc.)

Our audiovisual content:
WTW Easter Island documentary:
WTW Torres del Paine documentary:
WTW Cochamó:

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  • Wheel the World Wheel the World is the one-stop shop for people with disabilities to find, list and book inclusive tours and experiences specially designed for their needs.
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