Waip is the 1º platform that connects brands with their own consumers so they can advertise them on social media,regardless of the number of followers they have

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What influences people´s purchasing decisions? According to different market research, 23 % of people chose corporate advertising as influential over purchase decisions.31 % of people chose celebrities as influential over purchase decisions. The problem: the brands invest 6 billion dollars (only in Argentina) in advertising formats that are not very credible. People perceive institutional advertising as invasive, and they don´t believe celebrities who one day promote a product and the next day the competition. The solution: be promoted through the recommendation of the brands own consumers. 86 % of people choose relatives and friends as influential over purchase decisions. Waip is the first Spanish-speaking platform that connects brands with their own consumers so they can advertise them on social networks,regardless of the number of followers they have. The process is easy: the brands launch a campaign; the waipers enter the app and create an advertising post following the guidelines and send it along with the price they want to receive for that publication. From an administrator brands receive proposals, along with complete metrics for decision making and decide whether to buy, reject or counter offer the content. If they buy it, it is published automatically. We currently have more than 20,000 "Waipers" who downloaded Waip and more than 350 first line brands. We are nominated in the category "Digital Entrepreneur" of the #LatamDigital awards.

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Gastón Abramoff is an innate entrepreneur who has participated successfully in numerous startups throughout Latin America. Ex director of the disruptive growth area of Anheuser Busch Inbev. Jonathan Menasches is CEO in PSF software company, currently PSF is in charge of the development and technological solutions of the platform. Lucas is director at Seleccion Digital, a company that specializes onthe digital transformations of organizations.