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Mutees (Music T shirts) It is a project with the purpose of generating income for the Independent artists through merchandise. Mutees manufactures the merchandise and includes a unique code on the tag, which will allow the user to listen to the complete artist album on the Mutees App. Once the user are inside the app he will be able to preview hundreds of artists, and buy more merch. The problem Independent Artists struggle to sell their music in a regular format, we have studied the behaivor of many fans, and they prefer to listen music online for free, but they do want to wear the newest band Tshirt, therefore we believe that merchandise is the key solution for the music industry. The solution Sell the merchandise and give the music for free! One fan will buy in best case scenario one cd, but he will surly buy more than one tshirt of that band album. The artist gets a higher percentage of revenue form merchandise than from a regular cd.

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¿Quienes somos?

Somos Vudu Records un sello discografico independiente del ecuador que entendemos los problemas de la industria musical a nivel global.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

queremos ayudar a los músicos independientes a generar ingresos con su música.