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Liwi enables user to discover & connect nearby devices and transfer files across them. Lots of time it happens we forget the pen drive to make the file transfer and in emerging economies like India bandwidth is also other issue, it takes lot of time to upload and download the file, so solution like dropbox are not effective. Even if two people are nearby the process of sharing file become complex and solution like Airdrop are very Apple specific. Liwi enables nearby users to connect their devices and transfer data in very fast and hassle free manner. Liwi uses existing WiFi network or creates ad hoc network on the fly to transfer files. In both cases, Liwi app technology do not uses the Internet to transfer the files. So, there is no need to upload or download files to the Cloud. So Liwi allows you to transfer files in classroom, travelling, pretty much anywhere within 100 meters of a friend without using Mobile Data. The transfer speed is from 5-10Mbps.

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