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We are a special and promising startup from Israel aiming to disrupt the booming tattoo industry by revolutionizing its technology. Briefly, we are building a tattooing robot controlled by computer vision. The robot can tattoo any type of tattoo, including remarkable tattoo designs and reproductions designed by the best artists in the world. Just to grasp the size of the tattoo industry, in US there are more people with tattoos than people who own iPhones! We built a POC and even tattooed our CTO with our logo. The company was chosen to be a finalist at MassChallenge Israel accelerator in 2017.

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    Factor Diferenciador: They do not have any type of video feedback (so they cannot detect user movement). This means that if their client moves, their robot will continue to tattoo him in the wrong place. Our robot can detect user movement and track the moving body. We also supply an augmented reality preview of the tattoo, and also during the tattooing process.


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¿Quienes somos?

Jacob Nes-el - Chairman Experienced CEO and investor, Led more than a few large companies, including 2 exits. Orr Fabian – CEO B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. Led “WhyLinger” venture, led Inka Robotics for the past 5 years. Worked at Intel for 6 years, including at RealSense depth cameras.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

Because we can't not do this. We are absolutely passionate about disrupting this amazing industry, and we'll change the world. If we won't do it - someone else probably will.



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