Bogota, Colombia

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CityCop is a social platform for community watch that enables you to fight crime and protect yourself and your loved ones, where you can actively report crimes in your community and receive real-time information of what is happening in the areas you care about.

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¿Quienes somos?

Nadim and Marcelo met in 2008 at GeneXus International and worked together for almost 2 years. They have 9+ years experience in IT and software consulting, and 5+ years of experience in software development. Also, they shared 2 more years during their Master in Management of Technology Companies (MBA with focus in Technology Companies) which was very important for both of them as the entrepreneurial team, giving them an overview of many interdisciplinary aspects and soft skills required to carry out a successful startup.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

Criminals have always taken advantage of these lack of information, they operate always with the same modus operandi, in the same areas, at the same hours, against the same unaware people. CityCop democratizes crime data and makes it publicly available, allowing anyone to report crimes in real-time and creating a location-based feed of public safety information that keeps people aware and safe. CityCop aggregates real-time crowdsourced crime data with official crime reports, combining both in a comprehensive syndicated crime database to easily determine how safe a given area is.

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