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Hobbule (acronym of Hobby Schedule) helps you organize activities for you to practice your favorite hobbies with people who share your interests. Said activities can take place in any commercial, public or private establishment (i.e. your house). Our platform is based on Facebook to motivate our users to perform said activities, using their existing social relationships. Hobbule allows it´s users to search around them (in geographical terms) for activities of their favorite hobbies. We have crowd sourcing for hobbies as well as establishments for our users to help us grow the platform; from the ground up the platform has been built to support any hobby, any establishment as well as any city to operate. Hobbule provides it´s users a web platform as well as iOS/Android apps. We are currently in our version 1.1, with 50 hobbies, more than 1,000 establishments (commercial and public parks), 3 cities (Bogotá, Medellín and Calí), 725 users and 61 activities in a month of operation.

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