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PRNarchitecture is the first platform that directly connects Architects with building material producers. We are the LinkedIn and of the Architecture and construction industry. Through a few easy step both parties can create a profile on the platform and upload their portfolio and list of products. Both parties can connect to expand their network and increase their business opportunities. When Architects need a specific material for a project, they can advertise it; the producers are notified and can connect. When Architects need team members for a specific project or competition or they have a vacancy in their firm, they can advertise it as well and platform users can apply from the platform. Both categories profit from our platform: companies can have new business opportunities and Architects save time finding the right product or person. Our business model is freemium: creating a profile is free, additional functionalities are on subscription base.

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Cristina and Tommaso are Architects and they know the problems and understand the needs of the industry. Cristina is dealing with the operations and communication part, having experience in architectural competitions, while Tommaso take care of the platform development thanks to his passion for coding. Anna has worked in Marketing and PR, speaks 4 languages fluently, and can boost the promotion of the product. We have been working together for the duration of the Startup Chile Seed Program. This experience strengthen our relationship, while making us communicate and work more effectively.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

In our professional careers as Architects, we have been directly involved in designing large scale projects and experienced the trouble of choosing one material or technology over others. Nowadays the quality of a building is evaluated through its performance and its efficiency. Architects are therefore greatly concerned about the choice they are making, in order to have a better Portfolio to gain future clients. We directly connect Architects with material manufacturers, in order to help them finding the right product for their projects and promote their activity among professionals.