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Kiwi is a platform to connect students, doing favors and deliveries on demand in a college campus. The students order from our mobile app, they can select among our allied restaurants menu or just write what they want and another student deliver it. We created the possibility for students to get some extra money in their time between classes. We also made the on demand economy affordable and useful for students contributing a new sales channel for restaurants, informal businesses inside universities, students that sell food and stuff and brands that are interested in the university market ( already Uber, Redbull, Hatsu). Also we have built a platform that allow us to measure every aspect of the ordering process and the user experience. Most importantly perhaps, it was designed from the ground up to suit university campuses and students needs. Numbers 35000 users, 7 universities, 3 countries (Colombia, Chile, USA), 470 orders per day, USD 50.000 revenue per month.

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Sergio and Felipe met in London in 2009 living and studying together. They are best friends and met Yeisson in 2014 in their first company Lulo Domicilios. We have been working together for more than 2 years. This is not our first project together so its easy for us to assign roles. Sounds obvious, but the two principal values in Kiwi are: respect and help each other, all team members believe in those values. Other projects we made Possibility to order alcohol with one button Know anyone last seen and online times in whatsapp.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

Since we started to work from our university campus, we saw two opportunities. There are some students that have a pressing need to save time on minuscule tasks and spend it on their studies instead. On the other hand, there are other students that are also highly motivated to make extra money during school, but in a flexible way. The current on demand apps don´t work well because they are expensive, have long delivery times and the access to the campus is not easy. We found that the students want to be part of a community during their studies, and we are building a community among Kiwi.

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