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We speed up process, reduce manual work by 80% & save cost of hiring by upto 60%. We provide a cloud based centralised recruitment solution where we have combined the power of an artificial intelligent database management system with an ATS. Our AI works like a personal assistant to recruiters where recruiters just tell their requirements to Jobsquare and its AI will automatically source candidates from all over internet.It willI automatically recognise candidate information in CVs, categorise/sort all information according to filters set by recruiters and turn all information into google like search engine so that recruiters find right fit at a lightening fast speed. It also provides highly comprehensive ATS to process candidates and allows to create a digital file which contains all feedbacks,evaluations, recommendations and conversation done with a candidate. All powered up by a team management,reporting and communication system.

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Me and Hassan studied from same university. During our studies, I started working on an app that can connect learning environment of university with industry and parents. I needed some developers as I was non technical but I had all the research and pre orders. I tried 7 different devs as partners but none worked. I finally met Hassan who was passionate entrepreneur & developing a grocery delivery app & needed a biz dev.We both formed a company together with these products and made a fortune. We have been working together for past 5 years and share the same passion.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

Me and Hassan hired employees a couple of times.Everyday we received a lot of CVs through emails, Job-boards or linkedin.Processing these CVs was pain and soon we had hundereds of folders in our computer containing thousands of CVs for every job position.So whenever an opening comes up we will visit relevant folder,manually enter candidates´ info in ATS and once done with process we will revisit folders to manually update candidate info again.Many recruiters face this issue & jobsquare solves it

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