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Dioxins are highly hazardous chemicals produced by combustion in industrial and natural processes. They accumulate in the environment and reach our food chain. Ingestion causes damage to the immune system, deregulates hormonal systems or cancer. Livestock and poultry industry, government agencies, among others, are forced to spend money in dioxin analysis with expensive, slow and complex methods. These analyses are performed in specialized laboratories, raising costs. There are no simple, inexpensive and fast methods for detection of these compounds on site. The 3B dioxin biosensor is a device that allows the quantification of these toxic compounds in food, soil and other matrices. It´s a specific/sensitive, fast and easy to use method for dioxin detection on site. It is portable, so it doesn´t require trained personnel or investment in infrastructure/equipment. Our main differentiating factor is time, delivering results in 2 hours (other methods take 15 days).

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Our team comprises the experience of three young entrepreneurs, two biochemists and one commercial engineer, who have known each other since childhood and have experience in microbiology, finantial analysis and green technologies. Two team members are experienced research investigators that want to help laboratory science become applied to solve problems of global concern. With the help of our Engineer and Marketing expert we developed this company to achieve this goal.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

In Biotic Solutions we believe that many of our today´s problems can be solved by using ideas gathered from nature and biological processes. We also believe that knowledge and concern about nature and wildlife are one of the most important gifts for future generations. This project is an example where nature provides a simple and intelligent method for solving a worldwide problem that brings serious consequences for human and animal health.

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