Keteka is a marketplace where travelers can book unique, authentic tours and activities with validated local guides.

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Keteka is an online marketplace of unique, off-the-beaten path tours and activities that are instantly bookable online. We currently have over 1,300 bookable tours and activities in 16 countries in Latin America.

Travelers research and book flights and lodging online. Yet, for tours and activities, the research can be done online, but to book them, they’re forced to wait until they arrive in their destination. Of the $ 263 billion adventure tours and activities market, only 15% are currently booked online, because the majority of tour operators worldwide still function entirely offline.

Local tour operators often either don’t have a website, or their website is almost impossible to find via a Google search. Even if they have a website, very few accept payments online, which means travelers can make a “reservation” and then either not show up, or cancel at the last minute, which is extremely frustrating for tour operators.

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¿Quienes somos?

Kyle and I met in the Peace Corps six years ago. We grew a strong bond collaborating for two years to promote responsible, community-based across Panama. Our shared mission, friendship, compatible skills, and honest/transparent communication style has enabled us to live, travel, and work together, and take Keteka from an idea in a rural hut in Panama, to what it is today - a marketplace with over 1,000 tours and activities in 15 countries in Latin America.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

We spent 2 years as Peace Corps (PC) development consultants in rural Panamanian communities, building sustainable tourism operations. We launched Keteka to find and validate unbelievable, unique, and authentic experiences that exist in PC communities worldwide and connect them to travelers looking for off of the beaten path, cultural experiences beyond conventional tourism. We make these historically inaccessible experiences, accessible and instantly bookable online for travelers.