Keteka is a marketplace and booking engine where travelers can book unique, authentic tours and activities with validated local guides.

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Company Overview: An online tours and activities marketplace and booking engine that lets travelers book unique, safe and authentic, tours with validated local guides from developing communities, offering dignified economic opportunity for local communities and life changing experiences for travelers. Problem: Local tour operators often have the most unique and authentic experiences to offer travelers, however, they lack the resources to properly market themselves online. On the other side Travelers book transportation and lodging online, however it’s incredibly difficult to book authentic local tours and activities online. Only 4% of all tours and activities are currently booked online, and it’s especially difficult with regard to local sustainable activities. Solution: Keteka allows local guides the ability to directly benefit from the economic opportunity in tourism with access to digital marketing, widespread global distribution, and a fair business model; enabling Keteka to also connect travelers to the most unique, safe, and authentic experiences in frontier markets, easily booked online.

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Acerca de los Fundadores

¿Quienes somos?

Kyle Wiggins served as a Community and Economic Development Peace Corps Volunteer in Colón, Panamá. Before joining the Peace Corps, Kyle was in New York City, where he helped start a political news website, While in New York, Kyle also worked on Mike Bloomberg’s 2009 Re-election Campaign staff, and worked as a Heckscher Foundation for Children fellow until his departure for Panamá. In 2008-2009 Kyle served on the Board of Directors for Let’s Go, Inc. Kyle graduated from Harvard in 2009, and was born and raised in Dallas, TX. Jack Fischl was a Community Economic Development volunteer in Peace Corps Panamá. He worked in an indigenous Ngäbe town in a semi-autonomous region in western Panamá, developing sustainable tourism in his community and teaching basic business skills throughout the country. The son of a diplomat, Jack has lived 17 years of his life overseas and traveled extensively (30 countries at latest count!). Prior to the Peace Corps, he graduated from Boston University, where he studied Business Administration and Hospitality Management.

¿Por qué estamos haciendo esto?

Kyle and Jack (founders) met as community economic development volunteers in the Peace Corps in Panama. We were in the same training group, and both ended up focusing primarily on sustainable eco-tourism on the grassroots level. We collaborated on projects to help promote the tourism activities in Peace Corps communities throughout Panama. Keteka was developed out of this initial effort and over the last 4 years, we have focused on validating the market and our ability to efficiently scale our efforts throughout an entire region. Now, with over 2,000 tours and 250 local guides/operators across 15 countries, we’re just months away from bringing those guides fully online, and distributing their inventory live on travel sites across the web. All of our software is proprietary, developed in house, and is uniquely designed to address our segment of the market.